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Meet The Designer Behind Lo Lady Fashion - Lauren Miltner

by Julia Shoots September 12, 2016

   Lauren is just about as cute as they come. A darling artist living the dream while creating some amazing things along the way. We simply can't get enough of her up-cycled vintage accessory line, Lo Lady Fashion. Shop her line on and read on for our exclusive interview with her.


We absolutely love Lo Lady Fashion---What fueled your desire to start your line and what keeps you going?

 "The process leading me into Lo Lady Fashion was definitely a random, unique journey. My mother Patti Betts was up-cycling antique artwork and adding her own, unique twist, so we decided to throw these new pieces behind glass on pendant necklaces. Those were the first necklaces I ever made, a few years back.The more I dabbled with jewelry stuff, the more I found what styles were really “me.”  That involved mixing a little old and a little new creating a line that took on it’s own form."

 "Corporate life was basically the death of me. Focusing my energy into a creative outlet, while making money doing so, is really what keeps me going at this. The main perk, though, is simply owning my own business.  As a single mom, I am HUGELY thankful for the flexibility my business brings me, to spend time with my son, Kayden, and have him by my side throughout this."

Whats the best part of owning and designing your own line?

 "Jewelry is not a “NEED” type item, but has so much power to influence an individuals personal style. I am in the business of helping people express themselves in a way that is true to who they really are. For example, take someone who's just rocking a white t-shirt with jeans... If they throw on one of my little action figure necklaces, or gemstones with vintage beads, they become a canvas to tell a story about a single piece of jewelry. So much of what I do is one of a kind, because YOU are all one of a kind. Knowing I helped create something that speaks to someone on a personal level is my FAVORITE part of this business."

Describe your vision of the quintessential LoLadyFashion?

 "My business has been one baby step at a time, literally. I would love to have my own jewelry store, where people bring in their special items they want to see up cycled into something they can wear, that will reflect their personal style."

What experiences and/or educational backgrounds prepared you for LoLadyFashion?

 "My background is a wee bit of college, where I was technically a “marketing” major, but I dabbled with journalism and Psychology. A couple years was as far as I got. Honestly, I just went to school to play sports, which is what I lived for growing up. The whole “artist” thing didn’t become a part of my persona until I moved to Mississippi years ago, and  was brave enough to explore who I REALLY am as a person, and not who others thought I should be. There is a sort of freedom that comes with a change of scenery, if you’re brave enough to ask yourself the hard questions."

What's your favorite piece of  jewelry or accessory to wear?

 "So my personal favorite is this vintage unicorn cloisonné necklace I found and customized. At the risk of sounding as hipster as possible, unicorns are my favorite and have been forever…just come to my house or studio in Fondren to see ceramic unicorns, snow globes, and music boxes everywhere. (Then again I wear white glasses and carry a pocket knife. Just gotta own the hipster, I suppose.)"

In an alternate life, if you weren't killing it with your jewelry line, what would you be doing?

 "Little Lauren was too busy playing sports and occasionally acting to explore the world of art and the creative community, so knowing that is such a huge part of who I am now. Maybe I would have been brave enough to go to school to design clothes (my individual aesthetic is, like, a mix of grandma/toddler chic, sporty spice, and everything from 1950s/60s). I have a million ideas for designs, but no technical skills to support those designs. Also, I’d love to learn all about photography. So, if we're talking next life stuff, my technical answer is, I would be a photographer/fashion designer who rides unicorns."

If you had a crystal ball, what would the future hold for LoLadyFashion?

 "Real talk, I am the least efficient business person ever, so life goals and planning are not things I really excel at. My hope is that as a business I grow, as an individual I learn, and as an overall person I live life out of love, using my business as a small means to encourage people to feel beautiful, unique, and the best versions of their stylistic selves."



Check out her work on!

And keep up with her inspiring life and designs through her instagram feed: @loladyfashion.


Julia Shoots
Julia Shoots


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