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Meet Cassie - Artist, Yoga Instructor.

by Julia Shoots October 07, 2016

We recently had the oppurtunity to hang out with Cassie, a local artist and yoga instructor. She's easy going, with a great sense of style, and amazing talent. Check out our interview with her below!


1. What Inspired you to become an artist/yoga instructor? 

    I personally believe that creating is part of human nature and in staying true to myself I must share that with the world. With most everything I do I make an attempt to make those around me feel comfortable with who they choose to be in life. This being my reason for choosing yoga instructing specifically. I like to share my light with other people and help them to find their own through heart opening poses and breathing techniques that encourage openness and community. 


2. What's your favorite yoga pose?

 My favorite poses are inversions and heart opening poses like back-bends. These poses incorporate vulnerability with strength and power. Opening you both physically and spiritually to new experiences. 


3. In an alternate life, if you weren't pursuing art what would you be doing?

 In an alternate life I think I might be working in psychology - simply because of my desire to help people find themselves, I believe would carry over to wherever I was in life. 



 4. If you had a crystal ball, what would the future hold for you?

 In an ideal world, my future would involve me owning my own tattoo shop where people can display their artwork - I would also like to continue teaching yoga maybe in a local studio or community. I would live in a small town where I could ride my bicycle to the market and sit on my porch and paint.
She's wearing all Libby Story looks, with a few of her own pieces mixed in. Check out the website to create your own Cassie inspired look.
Follow her on Instagram @thehungryartist

Julia Shoots
Julia Shoots


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