Daydreamer Hole Miss World Ribbed Tank

$ 59.50

Noisy, confrontational, and messy, but you asked for it. Making music that was not only groundbreaking, but honest and painfully relatable, Hole offered a certain female point of view that was never given space before. With a front woman that was simultaneously easy to love and hate, Courtney Love wouldn’t have it any other way. An inspiration to girls with guitars everywhere, she shook the idea of what a female musician should be, how she should look, and how she should act. Choose to be a defender of Love and dig into Hole with this authentic ’90s style ribbed tank. It takes the stance that the ’90’s definitely had a few iconic heroes, but maybe for some it just isn’t Kurt Cobain.

  • Made from a cotton rib fabric, with a perfect amount of stretch
  • This is a 90s inspired baby tank, meant to be fitted