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LS Live #169






hey guys welcome to LS live thanks for
tuning in sorry we're a second late had
some things to wrap up before the
weekend and before the live started but
we're here and we're here every single
weekday at 12 and then we're on our
Instagram account at 12:30 which is also
called Libby Story Ridgeland to check
it us check us out there you want to see
something a little bit different every
day I do have one thing to note before
we get started we will not be going live
on Monday I repeat we will not be going
wild on Monday and that kind of segues
into our giveaway stuff so this we got
today I do have a giveaway winner for
you and then every week we do have a
giveaway that won't change next week
except we're gonna start our giveaway on
Tuesday that's show with y'all well
start on Tuesday we'll run it through
Friday don't find everything out on
Tuesday I promise I just have some
engagements that need to be to be out on
Monday so I will not be here to go live
and announce that and get videos made
etc so we'll start it on Tuesday and
then go through Friday with that
giveaway would you just stay on it but
now I can tell you about our giveaway
winner for this week we did a challenge
hashtag my lifestyle but why don't y'all
to share your LS style with us and that
is a hashtag that we used to do that
we're bringing back so if you want to
share your hashtag my LS style just be
sure to post it use the hashtag post a
photo of yourself just like living life
having fun in an outfit is from Libby
story or like a piece that's from Libby
story that you've styled up real cute we
want to see how you wear the things that
you get in our store and because y'all
are also awesome we just want to know we
wanna be able to share y'all's looks on
our social medias that way y'all can get
a little recognition for being awesome
and we'll probably start a kind of
giveaway thing we might segue into kind
of a more my lifestyle giveaway in the
future here pretty soon but tomorrow our
next week will be a normal giveaway as
always just Tuesday through Friday
instead of Monday through Friday if
that's awesome go alright so now I have
a giveaway winner the person who shared
their my lifestyle with us was scale
Gail Irby so congratulations Gail
whenever you come in be sure to go to
the desk I'm gonna I know
you're from around here so if you come
in go to the front desk and they will
have a bucket of necklaces for you to
choose from thank you so much for
entering and we hope that everyone else
had a good time playing as well and yeah
just continue to share your hashtag my
lifestyle with us because we love to see
it now I'm going to show some new
arrivals but real quick I want to
mention that we are looking for day time
style is still part-time or full-time
just lovely ladies who want to hang out
with us during the day like 9:00 to
10:00 a.m. so maybe like 3 4 5 p.m.
whatever and again part-time or
full-time just like anyone who wants to
have fun playing with clothes dress
people up help people you know just like
make connections if you're outgoing if
you like to have fun this is the job for
you so just come in and apply or you can
send email to
and they'll start that process for ya
now I have to give away I'm not good way
oh my gosh we're giving when you're
rebels now I have some new arrivals for
you and I just want to start with a top
that comes with two different colors
that we just got it in and then a
sweater that literally hasn't hit the
floor yet I want to show you all things
that are brand new that like y'all have
seen before anyone else so that way you
all can snag them before anyone else if
that is the case this is actually the
sweater that I'm wearing I showed it a
few days ago this one is on the floor
it's really cute and it comes in two
different colors it comes in like a
white color and then this really pretty
like robin's egg blue but real quick I'm
gonna show you these tops in the sweater
I have behind me the first hop omission
of one color and I'll show you the next
color here's like a terracotta color and
this v-neck tee but it's not just any
v-neck tee it is like that's a suede
beat-up T so it's really interesting I
don't know if y'all can see how it has
that texture on there
through the video but it is like a
really cool suede texture on the whole
t-shirt it's thin it's lightweight it's
breathable but again like what makes
outfits interesting it's not necessarily
what you wear but how you put it
together and I mean this is literally
just like a v-neck t-shirt and a plain
color it is nothing crazy but the same
time it has this texture to it so if you
add different textures together where
this is the leather jacket with a denim
it's those different textures that made
out the interesting and that make people
do a double-take could be like wow she's
so stylish that's so like that's so like
thoughtful you know like I don't know
how she thought of that this is
literally just a t-shirt and will make
people do that double take because it's
this cool like suede material has a
pocket on the front I just love it I
mean I like anything that's a t-shirt
and gives me an excuse to wear a t-shirt
this is like a t-shirt on steroids
because you can wear it all kinds of
ways I would love to see this tied up
again with like a leather jacket and
some cool like heels honestly you can
wear it with the jeans and shoes I have
on again with like a leather or denim
jacket and it'd be a super funky take on
just like why I look at playing tee and
jeans love it and it comes and it's
super pretty comes in this super pretty
like dark teal color on if I can see the
suede kind of look about it it's just
really neat same same exact shirt pocket
tee short sleeve it's not it's not
cropped or anything but it's also not
like a tunic it's just like a normal
length t-shirt I love this blue color
y'all this is so so so pretty we got
those in and
last but not least I have a really
pretty sweater and this one is has the
same colors in it but it is just like a
knit sweater very chunky it is very
boxing and oversized
this is a small extra small that I have
right here and honestly it looks like it
fit me in it like it's it's pretty
oversized it is shorter in the front
than it is in the back it has like a
little cut right there so that way you
can see that the back and front are
separate even though there are different
links I don't know I just love the
colors and I think it's super cool it's
a pretty high neck and then the sleeves
they're not gonna be like super loose on
you but they're gonna hug a little bit
the color is actually like purple and
orange and blue and green and white it's
just a really fun like chunky sweater
that you can just throw on I love
anything you just throw on again this is
something you throw on with the jeans I
got on the shoes I got on and look like
a million bucks you're ready for fall
but at the same time all you did was put
on a sweater and jeans that's it super
it's a peasy but really cute anybody can
layer this up with a bunch of necklaces
I would love to see like a big messy bun
and like some big statement earrings
that would be super funky with this lots
of possibilities endless possibilities
you know alright guys that's it for
today congratulations gale don't forget
every single week we do a giveaway and
we will have another one next week it
will start on Tuesday because we're not
going live on Monday I have to be
somewhere but if y'all miss me just
leave a comment write a review say you
miss me you know like our page whatever
good or Instagram we can't like those
posts we will be on Instagram in just a
few minutes announcing that giveaway
winner and showing some other new
arrivals so stay tuned for that 12:30 on
our Instagram account
see y'all Tuesday right here at noon bye