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LS Live #73

LS Live #73






hey everyone welcome to LS live happy
Wednesday we're here on the plane Libby
story page that's for all things
wholesale I have a lot of really really
cool things to show you all today
it'll be mainly about our upcoming
collections fall and holiday I can't
show you all like physical samples yet
but I can show you the photos and film
that we've already taken of some of the
samples and I'm gonna kind of walk you
through a lot of it show you our
Instagram page which is the libby story on
Instagram in case y'all are interested
in looking at
so this live is mainly for those of you
who maybe have your own store or work in
a store would like to carry Libby story
brand clothing it's all really really
cool stuff and we're really excited
about it but also this cast is for y'all
who just shop in the store and are
really excited to see what's coming up
what's gonna be in the store pretty soon
so yeah let's get started but first I'm
wearing one of our older and older but
it's like one of our shirts from a
previous collection it's kind of a
sweatshirt material and then it has this
choker neck it's a deep v I have it all
with just some Libby story jewelry got
some rings going on got a cool bracelet
and I fantasy I'm kind of in the back
where it's a little bit darker but it
has all these tie kind of grommet things
on the side that's on both sides so
really really neat kind of grungy edgy
sure if you're into something like that
yeah now I'm gonna get into stuff that's
happening in the future I'm very very
excited about it so I'm gonna flip my
screen around and I'm going to show you
y'all just the desktop of our Instagram
the Libby story and just kind of walk
out through a few things that are coming
up all right guys let's get started okay
so I have y'all shop this is the Libby
story Instagram if you're not already
following us just go ahead and click the
follow button on your phone or on your
computer if y'all see flashes we're
having a shoot right now so I hope that
that doesn't bother any of y'all we're
getting lots of really really great new
arrivals and for the stores we put on
the website but anyway this is just kind
of our page we have several photos
just kind of newer things that's from a
previous collection this is all kind of
newer stuff and then we have a video
that we shot in Lemuria books and I'll
kind of start with that and I'll walk
you through the looks that we created
and just a few of the pieces that we're
using alrighty so if y'all can see I'm
not shooting I turn the volume off on it
so that's really necessary so this is
just kind of a sneak peek thank you
wimzie's edge they're very excited I'm
gonna carry our stuff alright so it
starts off and she's wearing this like
really really cool holey jacket pulley
like actual physical holes not like
Jesus it's really cute it's called B
let's see I think it's called a take a
shot jacket take a shot jacket so if
you're already a able to check out our
wholesale website you'd be able to find
it under the take a shot jacket and then
under it she has this kind of graphic
tee and then this jumper the graphic tee
is called the cosmos tee and it comes in
with black with white writing and white
with black writing and that's the only
have here it's a little bit hard to see
what it says in this video but just as
cosmos and it has some of those little
stars around it and she has it all with
this is jumper sorry the play button
keeps getting in the way but she hasn't
on with this like kind of skirt jumper

it has like a slight ruffle detail on it

it is the let's see it is the Lady Jane
jumper dress so if you're into the
jumper dress definitely check that out
it's such a cool look I love its pair
together and with the whole little holy
jacket that take a shot jacket it's just
such a neat look and we love pairing
both that together I will say though the
cosmos tee and take a shot jacket or
both from the Holiday Collection but the
Lady Day jumper dress is from the fall
collection so if you're having trouble
finding that because it's not under the
holiday sounds assault but
still plenty of time to get both of
those in your store if you're wanting to
do that now this look we have these kind
of metallic silver jeans and those are
the out-of-time pant these are also from
the Fall collection but they went so
well with our holiday collection we
included it in this video it looked
really neat with this top and that top
it see it has all these it's like a kind
of like my shirt how it has the neckline
that's cut out like a keyhole but has
all these kind of like strings that run
across and it has a gold you can't see
it too too well but it's like a gold
metallic gold detail right there which
was really fun with the metallic silver
paint the top is called The Bella donna
long-sleeve and that is from the Holiday
Collection while the pants the
out-of-time pant is from the Fall
collection it's such a cool look in the
back you could I'll show you all a
picture that we took um good back the
back is like has holes in it so it's
like cut out very interestingly I'll
show you all that now this is the same
look but with this kimono over it and
this is the Empress kimono it has all
this really really cool I'll wait till
it swings back around but it has almost
a really really cool eye velvet and just
this nice pattern to it the pattern is
like kind of black on black but you can
still see it it's very subtle but it has
the pretty maroon velvet trim and
detailing on it so lovely everything has
such a Spacey vibe to it and that's I
feel like kind of what inspired it we
love all the spaciousness
about it that's not word but y'all can
snap command right there
um and we had another video on rigt V
it's a little bit different than where
y'all can maybe see some different
angles of the staff yeah that's a video
of just some of our favorite looks from
the holiday slash box collection and
then so there's this one dress called
the I believe it's called the moon dress
we love that I know it's not a full
picture of it but it has these bell
sleeves it has this just really really
incredible print again I said that
the holiday collection it was a very
like spacey and you can see that there
with the moons the stars very awesome
then we got this outfit or this
sweatshirt and this is the far-out
sweatshirt it is if I say it's it's far
out it's not like a full picture of it
but just to give you all a glimpse oh
this is the Bella donna long-sleeve if
y'all can see the back it has just kinda
like kind of cut these down and then it
has this kind of cutout and it has
another cutout down here it's very cool
again you can see like the gold
detailing and then the silver pants
alright last but not least I have this
really really cool jacket to show you
all this is the White Rabbit jacket also
from a holiday collection it's kind of
this like fur y'all can see all that
like embellishment it's just all these
like I don't know some are almost like
stones and some were just button kind of
very cool embellishments up top and it
has this very fun big firm would
definitely keep you warm
alright guys that's pretty much it that
is our sneak into the Holiday Collection
and some of the Fall collection feel
interested in doing wholesale feel free
to visit our website there is a tab for
wholesale if you go to shop it should be
at the very bottom of that list of
things just click on wholesale will get
you taken care of if you are not someone
who has your own store and you just like
shopping at lippy story that's what you
have to look forward to we have lots of
really really cool stuff coming your way
and of course it's all kinds of jewelry
they're not kind of other things that we
have in store but these are just a few
of our favorite items that we have
gotten a chance to take some photos and
videos of and if you don't follow the
Libby story account I just wanted to
give you all a sneak peek into what is
to come but definitely if you don't
follow us you should so go over to the
Libby story on Instagram and give us a
shout out hit follow send us a DM if
you'll have any questions as always you
can comment on here you can visit our
website whatever
an email we would love to answer any
questions you have thank y'all so much
for tuning in with us we are here every
Wednesday at 4:00 and then we go live at
4:30 on our Instagram the Libby story so
if you do follow us you can check us out
there I'll be doing a live pretty much
just showing all the same stuff just
giving y'all a heads up about what the
names are of all these pieces I'm
getting y'all really excited about
holiday collection because we are
excited to umm second note if y'all
don't already follow us on Libby story
Ridgeland on both Facebook and Instagram
we go live there every weekday noon on
Facebook 12:30 on Instagram I see a
couple people are peeping in if y'all
weren't here with us previously we went
to our Instagram the Libby's story and
we just kind of went through some of our
holiday step I'm not too rough but if
you're interested check back and watch
the recap it's a lot of really cool
stuff but yeah catch us every weekday on
Libby story Ridgeland live I do more of
the stuff that's out on the floor just
that kind of thing things that aren't
necessarily Libby story wholesale but
this is all wholesale all the time once
a week we'll be here next Wednesday well
we'll see you next time thanks for
tuning in