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Hey girl!  I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me out with this. I hope you enjoy looking through the fall outfits I've styled for you.  So basically, all I need you to do is select the items you do like and put them in your shopping cart.  You ARE NOT obligated to buy anything, so don't finish the checkout process.  This just lets me know exactly which outfits/items you are liking so that I can hold them for you until you can make it to the store.  If you let me know what time you're coming in on Saturday, and I can have your dressing room reserved and ready to go upon your arrival.  So let's do this!

First, textured items and mini skirts are a huge trend for this fall. Also, I tried to pull some outfits that I thought would be great for gameday, going out, and that are versatile pieces for you to mix and match within this collection (and of course into your personal wardrobe). 

I'm hoping that these pieces show up in order of how I styled them (fingers crossed)!

Outfit # 1: Criss Cross Sweater with Denim Skirt - Great for gameday and both pieces you can wear separately with your everyday things.  Plus, the sweater would be super cute with the leather shorts.

Outfit # 2: Motorcycle Jacket with the Maroon Swing Tee - Of course, this tunic is going to be more like a dress on you.  I have it and wear cutoffs underneath but you can't even see them.   The dress would be perfect for warm game days, and then add the jacket once it's colder for a completely different look.  The jacket is the perfect fall staple too.

Outfit # 3: Bainbridge Top with Cord Skirt - I chose these pieces in red for you.  This top is definitely a stand out piece that can also be worn with jeans (or leather shorts).  Plus, the skirt is super cute dressed down with any of your graphic tees.  It's high-waisted so you do a knot, front tuck, and wear it just barely showing under a longer top.

Outfit # 4: Valentina Sweater and High Rise Jeans - This sweater is super chunky and so much fun.  Go with the mustard color.  The different colors in the threading makes it super easy to wear with white, black, brown, or grey.  I think you could get away with this as a dress (or maybe with the leather shorts hidden underneath) or as a top.  The jeans are a little more on the charcoal grey side, so they're not just another pair of jeans.  Also, the higher rise is great. 

Outfit # 5:  Ossie Vibes Tunic Dress - This is a super mod piece.  Love the sleeves!   I actually have it pulled in another color way that is perfect for Gameday.  I don't know why the picture isn't showing up, but just trust me on this one.  Try it!

Outfit # 6:  Military Jacket, Neil Young Tank, and Woven Shorts - I LOVE THIS LOOK!!! The military jacket is amazing and such a staple.  The Neil Young Tank is so you.  (I think this is a piece you might could skip.  Just bring in one of your dark grey Chaser tanks if you have home with you and we'll play).  The shorts are lots of fun.  Super textured with metallic detail and can be dressed up or down.  

Outfit # 7:  FP Faithful Cardigan, Neil Young Tank, and Leather Shorts - I LOVE THIS ONE TOO!  (6 & 7 are my favorite looks).  Of course, I bought this cardigan.  It's definitely more like a jacket and not near as heavy as it looks.  I bought these shorts too!  They're super lightweight (actually wearing them today).  They're lined so you don't sweat and stick them like other "pleather" pieces. 

Outfit # 8:  Off Shoulder Top and Leather Shorts - Cute, comfy, and trendy. This top is a lot cuter when it's actually worn off the shoulders.  Very versatile.  Great for gameday and going out!

Again, just add the items you want to try to  your cart.  Any feedback/suggestions would be great!  Let me know what time you're coming if you can.  See you tomorrow!







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